“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubbies” (Proverbs 31:10)

    In most cultures, women are considered the backbone of the society. At Christ Alive International ministries, we know and acknowledge the unique role women bring into the building of a strong Christian life both at home and in the church.

    Our ministry is dedicated to empowering women through training, seminars, retreats and conferences to become:

        Role models for younger women to emulate
    Virtuous women who would take a firm stand for righteouness
    Good home builders in partnership with their husbands
    To nurture women into leadership roles

    Problems ….

    As societal lifestyles evolves, most women are left with the burden of broken homes and failed families. As a ministry we encounters these painful experiences regularly.

    To solve this problem, we provide personalized mentorship & spiritual ministration to women in such situations. If you going through a hard time and would love one of our ministry counselors to contact you, please email us at the email address below. We will love to pray and stand with you.

    Have you always felt the calling into Leadership? Then take advantage of our annual “Dream Again” women conference. This strategic conference dedicated to the identification and development women leaders.
    Get Involved

    To know more about our women ministry simply fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and we will get materials to you as soon as possible.

    As we move on in ministry, we are optimistic that more and more women will be encouraged and would find their divine destinies in Christ Jesus.

    Get involved today! Give us a call for more information on our women ministry.

    As for you and your house, who are you serving?

    Our “Men Connected” ministry is designed at buidling strong Christ centered men in the body of Christ. God has called the man to be the prophet of the home. To fullfill this mandate, it is very important that the moral character of christian men are built up.

    At Christ Alive Ministries, we are focued at:

    – Building Godly men for the body of Christ
    – Praying for men against common temptations
    – Holding ourselves accountable through personalized support groups
    – Helping identifying the divine destinies
    – Preparing men for ministry roles

    Our men’s ministry is conducted through serminars, breakfast meeting, prayers session and conferences.

    If you are man who is looking for a place where you connect and not be judged but rather loved, then consider our “Men Connected” ministry. We would love to have you. Kindly fill the Contact Us form or email us for more information about upcoming events or simply for more information about our ministry and how you can get connected. God richly bless you.

    As an International Ministry our desire is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world through any means such as church services, crusades, break-fast meetings, prayer meetings, radio and television, internet outreaches, farms, elementary/high schools, hospitals, bible schools, distribution of literature, drilling of water wells and anything that can help us to touch the lost and making of disciples for Christ.

    When Rev. Veronica McNeil arrived in Canada from Ghana in 1980 her eyes were opened to the poverty conditions facing many African nations. This broke her heart and as a young christian she cried to the LORD. “LORD it seems you have blessed many nations economically but what did you give to Africans? In reply God said Africa Shall Arise in the Last Days and I will use the Africans to heal the world”. At that same time He opened her eyes to see the spiritual hunger in Canada and again He said the Africans are coming to help bring the gospel to the lost.

    Slave Trade was done by man and as Africans get to understand their divine destiny they can genuinely forgive the past which will help to bring healing.

    She also inquired about some of the difficult situations like Slave Trade that brought the first Africans to the West and the LORD said I did not do it, it was done by man and that as Africans get to understand their divine destiny they can genuinely forgive the past which will help to bring healing.

    Sister Veronica kept these things in her heart and prayed as the LORD led her. After many years she asked the LORD about how He was going to fulfill these promises but the LORD again opened her eyes to see that indeed African have been dipersed into many nations and really they are setting up some powerful ministries all over the world bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and healing the sick. She was amazed about what she was seeing and as she was about to put it on the shelf the LORD encouraged her to bring this special message to Africans to love the world and do their part to solve some of the difficult situations still facing the world.

    It was through this that African Shall Arise Conference was birthed in 1997 to bring hope to Africans not to see themselves as poor but to know that God has empowered them divinely to help solve some of the problems facing the globe. This conference is currently held every two years in Canada and we hope to send it to other places when time is right.